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The vestiges of human occupancy in the region are quite remote, visible in the stretch of a Roman road that linked Braga to Astorga, and also in the Lago and Amares Hill Forts.
Amare's development was quite influenced by the Religious Orders that were installed in the region: the Order of Saint Benedict in Rendufe Monastery on the 11th century and the Cistercian Order that founded the important Santa Maria do Bouro Monastery in the 12th century.
Amares presents a rural and simple architecture, typical of this northern mountainside region, where small rural houses with two floors endure among big luxury manor houses that belonged and still do to the great agricultural landlords, like the Tapada House, among many others that can be found throughout the region in the many lovely small villages.
It is worth to know the three important monasteries of the region: Santo André de Rendufe (11th century), Nossa Senhora da Abadia (18th century) and Santa Maria do Boura that houses nowadays a luxury hotel.
Nearby are located the Caldelas Thermal Complex, which therapeutically waters and baths are known since the Roman occupancy period. The waters are indicated for treating problems of the gastrointestinal tract, circulatory and respiratory, nutrition problems, rheumatism, nervous system and dermatosis.
This region offers great conditions for nature lovers, once it can be found here almost in its pure state, providing as well great Fluvial Beaches, perfect for the practice of the most diversified leisure and tourism activities.

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