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CENTERCentral Nacional do Turismo no Espaço Rural

Considering the consumer’s satisfaction and the provision of quality information and booking services, TURIHAB – Associação do Turismo de Habitação and ATA – Associação do Turismo de Aldeia, formed in 2000, CENTER – Central Nacional do Turismo no Espaço Rural.

CENTER has as objective the dissemination and commercialization of the brands: Solares de Portugal, Casas no Campo and Aldeias de Portugal, improving the competitiveness of the products and providing the costumers with quality and service excellence.

CENTER also participates in the elaboration of itineraries that bring together all existing supply and in the promotion directly related to the marketing of Rural Tourism, Manor Houses and country tourism.

CENTER – Central Nacional do Turismo no Espaço Rural is certificated by APCER and IQNET with the ISSO 9001/2008. CENTER uses the latest technologies for the management of the bookings with the Centernet system and on-line bookings, ensuring fast and secure bookings.

With a highly professional and experienced multidisciplinary team, CENTER is a guarantee of satisfaction and quality.

Costumer satisfaction is our main objective.