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Aldeias de Portugal, preserving a unique heritage, maintaining the best of each village: its fauna, flora, gastronomy, wines and festivities. This is a new concept to approach rural tourism where values as hospitality, environment, preservation, comfort, leisure innovation ecological and cultural concerns are important.

Aldeias the Portugal provide you a stay in rural houses of tradition and give you the opportunity to participate in various activities or just go for a walk and enjoy nature. These emblematic houses are more than just an accommodation; they are the ideal setting to discover the real Portugal.

Let discover Aldeias de Portugal.


Branda da Aveleira - Melgaço

Branda da Aveleira is characterized by a landscape of great beauty. The village of Branda da Aveleira are the testimony of agricultural and cultural traditions of a great anthropological value which make these villages very special and unique.
CABRAÇÃO - Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima - Cabração

As you walk through Cabra��o you will notice an unusual geology due to its traditional materials used in the buildings, specially schist and granites. Thanks to this geology Cabra��o became a mining village in the first half of the twentieth century.

Castro Laboreiro - Melgaço

The village of Castro Laboreiro has an ancient and rich historical, archaeological and architectural heritage which can be seen through its megalithic monuments, bridges, medieval churches, community ovens and mills.
GERMIL - Ponte da Barca

Ponte da Barca - Germil

The village of Germil is characterized by its vineyards and its mountains dominated by oak trees. Situated on the top of the valley, the village of Germil is a typical example of a mountain habitat.
LINDOSO - Ponte da Barca

Aldeia do Lindoso - Ponte da Barca

Lindoso is a village that features a beautiful rural centre enhanced by a castle and a set of granaries. Besides those particularities, its location in the Parque Nacional Peneda-Ger�s offers an astonishing view over landscapes dominated by nature.
SISTELO - Arcos de Valdevez

Arcos de Valdevez - Sistelo

Sistelo, a village situated on the left side of the river Vez, presents an interesting architectonic heritage. This village invites us to climb up the mountain by winding paths following the footsteps of shepherds and their cattle towards the greatest altitudes.
SOAJO - Arcos de Valdevez

Aldeia do Soajo - Arcos de Valdevez

The emblematic village of Soajo, is famous for its wide range of granaries, were used by the community. Also granite paved streets and houses built with stone blocks have transformed Soajo into one of the most popular destinations.
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