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Viana do Alentejo

Viana do Alentejo, just 27 km from Évora, is a traditional Alentejo village. From the center of town, The Republic Square, where the Old Town Hall sits, can be seen XVII century buildings and inclusive a fountain of Renaissance inspiration dating from the eighteenth century. Another point of interest of the town is a convent of the XVI century, where nuns of the Franciscan order lived. Already in the nineteenth century the building hosted, according to the Town Hall, the first nursery in the country. Before leaving the town you should find out it's culinary secrets. Why not start with some "Amores de Viana”

Viana do Alentejo Municipality occupies a 393,23 Km² area, corresponding to 5,3% of Évora District and population density of 5 615 inhabitants, representing 3,2% of the district resident population. Three parishes belong to the municipality. In what concerns economic activity, tertiary and secondary sectors employ around 84% of active population.
The municipality is limited in the north by Montemor-o-Novo, northeast by Évora, east by Portel, south-east by Cuba, south by Alvito and west and south-west by Alcácer do Sal.

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